UVI String Machines Review

Here’s a review of the new UVI String Machines analog string synth library, via SoundsAndGear

Key Features:

  • Extensive sample library faithfully reproduces the analog grunge and warm sonics
  • Large library of presets and preset layers facilitate a fast workflow and loads of inspiration
  • 2 fully editable synth layers – create your own hybrid synths
  • No loading time when switching machines and sounds
  • Shape your sounds using authentic analog-modeled filters, envelopes, and LFOs
  • Expressive Step Sequencer allows for advanced modulation

String Machines is available for US $99 at the UVI site.

If you’ve used UVI String Machines, let us know what you think of it!


3 thoughts on “UVI String Machines Review

  1. Is computer code now a ‘machine’ ?
    Something comical about the description of this being a ‘machine’.

  2. It’s a sample library of vintage string machines. That’s just how these instruments are called. The product itself is not described as a “machine” anywhere.

  3. String machines weren’t full-fledged synths, (lack of individual envelooes, for example). But they were more advanced than organs.

    The big thing was that they gave you full polyphony and ‘synthy’ sounds at a time when monophonic synths were still very expensive.

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