UVI UltraMini – What You Get If A Classic MiniMoog And A MIniMoog Voyager XL ‘Make Sweet Love’


UVI has introduced UltraMini, a new hybrid instrument, based on a classic Moog Minimoog Model D synthesizer and the Minimoog Voyager XL.

Here’s what they have to say about UltraMini:

Two revered analog synths spanning a 4 decade legacy make sweet love with the UVI Engine. The result: a 3-oscillator subtractive synth with devastating sonics and supreme ease-of-use. Experience the power of authentic overdrive, dual-filters and more in this ode to the arbiters of analog!

One of our specialties is making hybrid instruments to get the best of both worlds.

We started with a beautiful 1971 Minimoog, sampling every waveform of every oscillator across every key — and we did this for multiple overdrive settings. UltraMini seeps with a thick and immediate analog sound produced with the same 3-oscillator configuration as the Minimoog.

But we didn’t stop there. In 2002 the Minimoog had a second coming in the form of the Voyager. This synth has its own wild character. Taking a 2011 Limited Edition Voyager XL, we performed the same comprehensive session, creating an identical sample footprint.

UltraMini includes two fully independent instruments with uniquely skinned GUIs, giving you the choice of vintage analog or crushing new school grit.

Here’s the official video preview:


  • 3-oscillator configuration
  • amplitude and filter key follow
  • unrestricted polyphony
  • mono retrigger
  • per-oscillator amplitude
  • stereo
  • color and drive control
  • a built in bit crusher
  • phaser
  • delay
  • limiter
  • advanced algorithmic reverb — SparkVerb
  • built-in phraser and arpeggiator assignable per-oscillator
  • step and LFO modulations
  • huge library of expertly crafted presets.

UltraMini for UVI Workstation 2 and MachFive 3 is available for $149 at the UVI site.

If you’ve used UltraMini, let us know what you think of it.

7 thoughts on “UVI UltraMini – What You Get If A Classic MiniMoog And A MIniMoog Voyager XL ‘Make Sweet Love’

  1. $149 is a joke for this. You can get truly excellent soft synths on the iPad for less than $5. You can buy a hardware analogue synth like the Korg Volca for $150. Even at $50 this would be expensive given there are just so many Moog emulations already.

  2. I think its a nice variation on the Mini, but $149 will get you the Minimonsta, which mops the floor with most other emulations. UVI apps seem too pricey to me, but they are pretty solid, so that leaves it to the user, as always. A Moog is now a time-honored voice and you know what you’re getting. Someone who isn’t satisfied with sampled or workstation Moog bits and doesn’t really want a Little Phatty is the actual target for these. This one has a few added amenities, so it’ll find a home on a few hard disks. Not world-shaking, but still respectable.

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