Livid Base Touch Controller Now Shipping


Livid has announced that it’s now shipping BASE – a MIDI controller that combines the technology of drum machines and touch screens.

Base merges pressure sensitive pads with touch faders, all lit with full-color LEDs. Base is completely editable and reprogrammable. You can customize the colors, notes, messages, velocity, and even dial in the pressure sensitivity per pad. It’s adaptable to any DAW and already has advanced scripts for Ableton Live and Bitwig.


  • Dimensions 10.25” x 11”x 0.75”
  • Weight 3 lbs
  • Completely editable with on board presets
  • Works with anything that supports MIDI learn
  • 32 velocity / pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch
  • 9 touch faders with multiple LED modes
  • 8 touch buttons
  • 8 function buttons
  • All controls have RGB lights
  • USB powered and class compliant (no drivers needed)
  • Constructed from high quality aluminum and rubber.

Base is available now for US $429.

3 thoughts on “Livid Base Touch Controller Now Shipping

  1. I love you Livid, the controllers in your product line are amazing, but this is too little too late. Size, price, and function seem to be covered by Push

    1. “Push was designed as a musical instrument which harnesses the power of Live 9. The hardware can also be used as a generic controller, so that you can send basic MIDI information to other software, but you can only use the full features of Push as an instrument with Live 9.”

      ^ $600

      “Customize all the settings and internal presets using the Base Editor web application to best fit your workflow with your favorite DAW, VST, plugin, or application”

      ^ $429

      So exactly how is this “too little, too late” as you put it? Size, price and function are most indeed NOT covered by Push.

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