The Doepfer V6 6-Voice Silver Synthesizer


Saturday Synth Porn: The Doepfer V6 is a massive DIY Euroack cabinet based on six Doepfer A-111-5 Dark Energy synthesizers.


Modules include:

Upper row:

DIY multiples – A-190-3 (MIDI>CV) – A-160(clock divider) – A-161 (clock sequencer) – A-138a (CV mixer) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – A-143-4 (Quad LFO/VCO) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – A-138b (audiomixer) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – A-108 (moog filter) – Z-DSP (FX) – A-106-5 (SEM filter) and 2x A-138b (audiomixer).

Lower row:

A-192-2 (CV>MIDI) – A-174-2 (wheels) – A-155 (sequencer) – DIY multiples (4×4) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – A-111-5 (minisynth) – Planar (joystick 4×4) – DIY multiples (4×4)- Modcan Touch-Sequencer – A-198 (Ribbon controller)

Here’s a video demo of this modular beast in action:

More photos are available at the Creative Gallery site.

Check out the Doepfer V6 Silver Synth and let us know what you think of it!

10 thoughts on “The Doepfer V6 6-Voice Silver Synthesizer

  1. That one should have a tricky name, like “The Divorciano,” because any guy who takes that up will have his wife leave him for emotionally abandoning her. The judge will listen to a segment of what he does with it and being a lover of irony, promptly award her everything but the Divorciano. If it is a female judge, he also forfeits the synth and has to sell plasma, too. Holy Zeus, what a beautiful instrument.

  2. I would guess that this thing is a minimum of $3k, just for the Dark Energy synths alone. Looks like he used the original MK1, not the MK2, but perhaps got some custom plates made for them. Hard to say total, but I’d guess anywhere between $5k-8k. If that’s the highest price he paid to make it, I’d say he got a deal, especially for something so unique. Anyone know what part of the world this guy hails from?

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