12 thoughts on “Come To Daddy – Aphex Twin

  1. What is interesting to note on Richard D. James, is that both «Come to Daddy» and «Windowlicker» are two very particular and unique tracks on his discography. Both tracks have nothing in common with the rest of his EPS and LPS. It seems he pretty much knew what he was crafting in his studio: two tracks / hits overly produced. They’re made to sell and be associated with great videos / visuals.

    The guy is a genius. He probably has more tracks similar to those, but he refuses to release them.

    RDJ is on a dilemma right now: should I release more music or not? Aphex Twin is brand, if he release something which get bad reviews or the fans criticise, it can damage his status and devalue everything.

    1. That’s not why he hasn’t released music recently, though. He’s going through a bit of a messy divorce…

      1. …there’s many freshes releases on the internet.
        Take a listen on youtube afx’s aliases, you’ll recognise the style and the hardware.

  2. so sickkkkkkk! I forgot how twisted this is/was for it’s time. that old woman is a hero for making this vid!!

  3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Chris Cunningham needs to direct a horror film. He was behind the infamous “Rubber Johnny” video, too. Seriously twisted imagination!

  4. Aphex Twin’s aural blends seamlessly with H.R. Giger’s visual. That upper lip on the TV is the most horrendous part of the whole thing.

    1. Yeah, and the scariness would be multiplied by the tinny and tiny speakers most smart phones and alarm clocks have.

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