29 thoughts on “Korg Volca Acid Techno

    1. Hurts your ears because of the musical style, or the frequency content? It sounded great on my Event 20/20 BAS monitors.

  1. The Volca bass places analogue synthesis in the hands of a lot of people , at a very good price.
    For me I hope the next version of it has an accent control, because, that small detail in the 303 is what , gives such a amazing sound to acid music. I know a lot of acid was made on things other than 303’s, but when Korg just add accent, that will be a very good thing. I think these machines will give software users an affordable chance to hear and play with analogue for the first time.
    Well done Korg.

  2. since You Can Automate A Volume Increase On A 16Th Note You Really Don’t Need An Accent Function. These Things Are Like An Electribe Split In Three

  3. Sounded like a very capable demo to me, gave a great practical example of how to use the Volcas on the fly. Can’t wait for these little analog/PCM boxes!

  4. Thank you Korg! I can’t wait to get my hands on Volca and Beats. I applaud this company for making affordable analog for the masses. It’s great to see a big manufacturer listening to their customers and acting accordingly. I have yet to hear an example of an 808 style kick on beats, it’s all been punchier 909 type stuff. How does the kick sound pitched down with a long decay?

  5. πŸ˜€ Acieed!

    WTF is the point of so much stupidity and hate over these lovely little boxes of joy?

    We’ll see much more of them soon yes

  6. May not be the greatest ear catching mindblowing demo ever

    But lets see what the haters would make with the same tools hey?

    Can you do better?

  7. ok. Ill wait for some proper acid demo. this is some gameboy music on speed. I want some 125 bpm and lots of slides….and resonance πŸ™‚

    1. yeah the filter character is definitely different than a 303… i’m sure there’s a sweet spot [like the monotribe] but idk how much of a 303 clone this is going to be.
      who knows, maybe Volca House will be it’s own thing in a few years

  8. Its a Volca Bass. Not a TB-303. Get over it. Different synth. Jesus, go buy a frigging 303 if you need one so bad that you compare every bass synth in the history of the world to it. In my opinion the 303 is the most overrated synth ever.

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