KISS2013 Kyma International Sound Symposium Coming Sept 12-15

kiss2013-kyma-symposiumOrganizers have announced this years Kyma International Sound Symposium, KISS2013, scheduled to be held in Brussels Belgium from September 12-15 2013.

Featured events will include hands-on demonstrations of interfaces for interactive sound and performance, a public dialog on spatialization featuring electronic music pioneers Annette Vande Gorne and Joel Chadabe, a competition pitting teams of sound designers and engineers against the clock to create new performance interfaces, an exclusive preview of new developments in the Kyma sound design language, concerts of new music inspired by the Belgian painter René Magritte, live Kyma electronics spatialized through a 70+ speaker Acousmonium in the Espace Senghor, and an installation in the ISIB foyer where visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) will create a continuous, collaborative soundscape.

“KISS2013: INTER faces” will also feature technical sessions on topics ranging from signal processing to interfaces, an ‘Open lab’ where Kyma experts will be available to answer questions, hands-on demos and workshops focusing on innovative user interfaces and controllers, and evenings filled with live musical performances showcasing some of the best work created in Kyma this year, including music controlled by brain interfaces, game controllers, iPads, Continuum fingerboards and drawing tablets; audio signals used as controllers; Foley artists as live performers; live cinema; motion-tracked dancers, and more!

Kyma developers Carla Scaletti and Kurt J. Hebel will be joined by over 30 audio and music professionals from ten countries in presenting the seminars, music, and hands-on demonstrations.

Program highlights:

  • Hands-on interfacing sessions – Get up close and personal with hardware and software interfacing tools including Open Interface and Skemmi (the universal Open Sound Control interface builder), Soft Kinetic Cameras, Interface-Z sensor kits, Tobii eye trackers, Reactable on a Microsoft Surface, Raspberry Pi, Dynamixel, Microsoft Kinect, and more!
  • InterFaceOff – Modeled on a reality-TV-style creative competition, in InterFaceOff ( ) teams of composers and engineers face the challenge of creating a new performance interface in just four days!
  • A Spatial Dialog – KISS2013 attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn about live spatialization performance from Belgian composer Annette Vande Gorne who, in a public dialog with Electric Sound author and composer, Joel Chadabe, will discuss and demonstrate musical spatialization using a 70+ loudspeaker Acousmonium installed in the Espace Senghor.
  • The Listening Room – Inspired by René Magritte’s painting of the same name, Christian Frisson‘s interactive LoopJam composition The Listening Room blurs the line between the individual and the group. Based on collections of sound clips generated in Kyma, LoopJam creates a two-dimensional sound map using timbral similarity as distance. Throughout the conference, visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) will be interacting with the space in a fluid and playful way, creating a continuous collaborative composition in the foyer of the ISIB:
  • Concerts – Concerts featuring performances of live interactive Kyma pieces will be spatialized in real-time by experts from Musique et Recherches utilizing their 70+ speaker Acousmonium.

The full KISS2013 schedule is available on-line at the Symbolic Sound site.

Registration and Travel

Registration is now open. An early registration discount is in effect until August 1, 2013. Student discounts are also available. Travel information is available at the event site.

via Symbolic Sound

3 thoughts on “KISS2013 Kyma International Sound Symposium Coming Sept 12-15

  1. anybody here with experience with kyma? it looks very interesting but i wonder if there`s any way to demo it before spending 5000 euro???

    1. Kyma is capable of morphing one sound into another like nothing else out there. It is probably the deepest sound design tool available. BT talks about his use of it. It is worth the price.

  2. I had a kyma for a short while, sold it due to its limitations, but since then there have been many updates. You can create some really incredible sounds with it, but I am not sure it is worth the price with all of the advancements in music hardware and software these days, not to mention computer power. And now with that app for max/msp that mirrors it onto an ipad (kyma has an app like that, they did it first), there just isn’t much point unless you are a professional sound designer.

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