Sound Magic Intros China Story Erhu For Kontakt 5

erhu-virtual-instrumentSound Magic has introduced China Story Erhu for Kontakt 5.

The erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, more specifically a spike fiddle, which may also be called a “southern fiddle”, and sometimes known in the Western world as the “Chinese violin” or a “Chinese two-stringed fiddle”. It is used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras. It is the most popular of the huqin family of traditional bowed string instruments, used by various ethnic groups of China.

China Story Erhu Kontakt 5 features the latest technology provided by Kontakt 5 – Compressed Samples, Custom Scripts, high quality effects unit and Powerful keyswitch and controller switch system.

Changes since the version for kontakt 2.

  • All Skills can be key switched.
  • Combines Erhu Basic and Erhu Tech into one nki file.
  • Customized GUI, use the same background image as plugin version.
  • Use controller #1 to control different moods.
  • Use compressed samples which saves a lot space.
  • Many minor changes.

Here’s an audio demo:

The cost of China Story Erhu for Kontakt 5 is still 99 Euro. Upgrade to Kontakt 5 for existing customers is free.

For more information, listening audio demos, please visit the Supreme Piano site.

5 thoughts on “Sound Magic Intros China Story Erhu For Kontakt 5

  1. Has anyone out there tried this? I’ve studied Erhu a little and I don’t believe the demo on this post is of the sample set. It is just too close to a real Erhu playing “river”. On the product page it says “Introduction Demo, Recording the sampling instruments’ live performance. This demo shows how a real Erhu should sound.” which suggests that the recording is of a real Erhu. The last two demos on the product page may be of the sample set, but I’m not sure.

    Having said that, the performance of “river” is very good. It’s not an easy piece.

  2. Well, if that recording is of a real erhu, I would call “foul!” I hope someone from Sound Magic can come on to verify whether that demo is of their software or not.

    1. It’s a foul if they claim the recording is of the sample set. I think on the product page they are saying this recording is not the sample set, but phrasing it badly (possibly non-English speakers?). Our friends at Synthtopia are then making an understandable error by blindly pulling the first demo for this page.

      More than not being a foul, it takes real bravery to put a real Erhu recording up to compare with the sample set. They deserve credit for that. Though there’s so much processing on the last two demos I can’t really compare it to the very clean recordings of the first two demos (which seem to be recordings of a real Erhu).

  3. it’s a real recording. maybe they renamed it meanwhile..
    anyway, the demo sounds much more computer-like and it’s probably not a great sampled instrument. just follow the link for clarifications.

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