Free Sequencing Sampler For Windows, CatchDad, Updated


Noisebud has released a new version of CatchDad, its performance sampling sequencer for Windows:

With CatchDad you can catch 4 different sounds with just the click of a button and instantly start to program rhythms with the built in step sequencers. The plugin is capable of building advanced rhythmic patterns with the different sequencer speed settings.

Here’s what’s new in CatchDad 2.5:

  • Shuffle
  • Adjustable sequencer length (you can now create true isorhythmic patterns)
  • Added a ‘Free’ tempo mode
  • Pitch return to default pitch when you double click the Pitch knob
  • You can now adjust the length of the autorec function
  • Added a ‘remove old versions’ function in the installer

CatchDad is a free download at the Noisebud site.

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