E-Phonic Releases Drumatic 4 Drum Synth For Windows


E-Phonic has released Drumatic 4 v1.0 – a 10 voice VST drum synthesizer for Windows 64-bit / 32-bit.

Drumatic uses a mix of subtractive, FM and graintable synthesis to get the best results possible. Each of the 10 voices feature 2 oscillators, 2 stereo noise generators with over 30 noise types, 3 filters, 7 envelopes (pitch, filter and volume) and an effect.

Drumatic 4 is now available for an introductory price of 29.99 Euro (ex VAT).

If you’ve used Drumatic 4, leave a comment with your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “E-Phonic Releases Drumatic 4 Drum Synth For Windows

  1. I love it, and v4 really simplifies the interface. The best part for me, is that you don’t need to trawl through thousands of over-used sample packs. Just tweak around with a few envelopes and knobs, and you’ve got something unique, and that’s before you play with any effects processing! Definitely recommended if you want a change of sound.

  2. I bought Drumatic 4 about 18 months ago. I got tired of free vst problems. For $30 you can’t beat it and can’t go wrong. It’s super stable, never crashes, and is easy to use. I am not a teknocrat at all but it works wonderfully on Cubase. I really like the program overall. It’s simple to use and minimal menu diving is needed. When I use Drumatic 4 I generally pick different drum sounds from the different pre-set banks and then combine and tweek to fit a song. The 808/909 emulations are decent. The clap/tambourine sounds don’t sound realistic so this is definitely a drum synth not a drum sampler. You can adjust the tone/attack/decay on everything and all drums are tunable. Various routing options are available. This thing can really create a lot of cool sounds and is fully MIDI integrated. I use it on essentially every tune I make. I’m surprised there is not more buzz on Drumatic 4.

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