7 thoughts on “Erika Oba Plays ‘Summertime’ On The QuNexus

    1. That sort of thinking is why synth keyboards are stuck in the past – everybody seems to want cheap synths with cheesy keyboards, instead of something more powerful and innovative.

  1. Erika’s playing really drew out a lot of what the instrument will do. Classy rendition. I have a small crush on the darned thing and its so small, I could barely hope to approach it effectively. From pinkie-tip to thumb-tip, I can reach 9 inches. The QuNexus is about a foot long. Many music goodies are easy for Japanese schoolgirls to play, but miniaturization shuts me out of using a lot of it. If there was a 4-octave model with closer-to-traditional key sizes, I’d be on it, because it suits the nature of my SYNTH playing lately. When a new tool pulls your thinking further down the line musically, that’s a winner.

    1. I kind of agree. I love my Qunexus, but I have yet to see anybody (myself included) really make the pressure/tilt controls “speak” the way I imagine they could.

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