Two Thousand Six Hundred (ARP 2600 Clone) Sneak Preview

Here’s a video demo of the second prototype of the Two Thousand Six Hundred, a new DIY ARP 2600 clone.

The Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) is expected to be released in September as a DIY kit. It will be available as a kit containing PCBs and front panel (Nothing is pre-built).

10 thoughts on “Two Thousand Six Hundred (ARP 2600 Clone) Sneak Preview

  1. Of course, the two questions that come to mind right away:
    How much, and what level of skill is required. Sounds pretty good anyways.

  2. It will cost around $1000 excluding case. Intermediate/experienced builders only.

    I mean, its a pretty big PCB so not easy but all components are thru-hole and pcb mounted… less wiring required.

    1. not likely. the project is to recreate the original as it was, not to change or improve it. however there may be mods for such things..

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