2 thoughts on “Mode Machines F-106 Juno Filter vs Roland Juno 6

  1. It is feasible to “disengage” the filter in the Juno?. I mean no matter what the signal from the VCOs is directed and affected by the circuitry of the VCF (no matter if is open or not…since voltage is present there) ans then also affected bt the VCA…right?…saying so…the only way to perform a one on one test is taking the signal from the Juno VCOs then send it to the MM and tehn back to the Junos VCA? …Thanks in advance Synthopians!

  2. Seems to me he isn’t moving the cutoff controls identically. On the first few demos, the Juno is moved all the the way to the bottom, while he stops the mode machine cutoff sweep before it reaches the bottom, each time. So you don’t hear the full sweep of the MM.

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