15 thoughts on “Jay-Z Visits The Moog Factory

  1. A very nice, respectful video courtesy of Jay Z, who doesn’t appear in it by the way.

    This guy isn’t a rapper, he’s the head of a massive corporation, and he also happens to rap. Dont be surprised that he has interests in many aspect of popular culture, and uses his vast resources for things other than fashion design and recording rap music.

    Not sure where the hate is coming from, it’s the best video of a ‘Moog Facility’ we’ve seen yet, and I suspect he’s used more Moog synths on his labels recordings than most of us have. I’d say that makes him entitled to be interested in what they do.

    1. What do you want, free synths?

      What’s the problem with self promotion? What’s the problem with trading on your unique and valuable history? What’s wrong with telling people you are the company that invented the synthesizer as we know it? It’s not like they are harping on about their past whilst producing garbage in the present?

      Any idea how many synths they sell per month? Any idea of the profit margin? Any idea of the running costs of a small company producing hand assembled synths?

      I’d say pretty high and anything they can do to sell more synths is essential.

      I’m not a fan boy. Owned a Little Phatty, sold it because its sound didn’t appeal to me. Bought a vastly superior Voyager, sold that too for similar reasons, although its an awesome synth and best build quality I’ve ever seen. Bought a Prodigy and fell in love, perfect little synth with a sound that suits my music.

      But stop bitching because a little company making high quality products is good a self promotion. That’s just nonsense.

  2. Did he really talk with them how they controlled the product quality now??? I really doubted it

    Currently buying and using Voyager like a nightmare. My friend bought a voyager XL from the distributor but has the same failure issues in VCA/Filter for two units and then finally returned to the distributor and claim back the money….. And another friend of mine found one of the osc stopped working after 2 years’ working…..
    My own voyager has failure in one of the filter IC after 9 months of usage, and then returned and replaced with a new board. Even I got a new board, 4 months later one of the filter stopped working again. It surprised me you could found plenty of users from the Moog-user forum had similar failure issues in filter sections who bought Voyager recently. I really doubted the quality control of Moog after Mr. Bob Moog passed away. I am going to call Moog to provide a solution for that. As for a common synth user, I don’t think we should spend money to get 3 years’ additional warranty which the manufacturers could not guarantee. This is Moog not Elektron!!!!!

  3. What would DSI be like without Dave Smith? Its hypothetical, but I think the situation here is similar.

    Im not particularly a moog fan boy, altho my first synth was a moog rogue. These days I dont think they deliver on the price/performace ratio, nor even come close to it. There is just too much competition around that destroys them in that area. Even in the traditional VCA + 24db ladder filter config that moog is known for… there are too many other awesome options these days. Sure, they may not have that signature “moog” sound, but its not really a consideration for me since, honestly, I find it played out (at the very least). While the preference for the “moog” sound is purely a matter of subjective taste, the days of moog being a “unique” kind of sound is over. It was much different in the earlier era of synths – just think about Devo’s 6-osc minimoog… now THATS what Im talking about.

    I really dont understand why moog hasnt looked to the future and started developing new designs and configurations, with all the background knowledge they have from Bob’s archives. (and Im not talking about fucking guitar pedals, because who gives a shit) Its a damn shame in my book. YMMV.

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