Virtones Vpad Puts Your VSTs Into An Effects Pedal


Virtones has announced vPed, a new device that turns your VST/VSTi plugins into a hardware effects pedal.

Here are the details:


  • Guitar and XLR mic inputs, that can also be used at the same time. Balanced/unbalanced outputs.
  • MIDI capabilities, to connect a midi keyboard for the use of VSTi virtual instruments.
  • Up to 8 slots assignable to VST / VSTi pugins, activated/deactivated by footswitches.
  • 4 Expression/value pedal inputs, up to 4 ON/OFF foot switches inputs and 4 virtual switches available, all easily assignable to any plugin parameter.
  • Data stored on a solid state drive (8G standard equipment, on request 16/32G).
  • Quickly modify the effects chain.
  • Capability to activate all plugins or one plugin at a time

vPed is expected to be available in October; pricing is TBA.

13 thoughts on “Virtones Vpad Puts Your VSTs Into An Effects Pedal

  1. The VMachine people had this as one of their next products before they took a dive. I hope that this one will make it and not cost too much.

  2. I don’t give a flying fck about anything to do with Paul Oakenfold. Please remove the ad with the autoplay audio from your site!

  3. So ” midi capabilities ” but no hardware midi IN ( ?! ) to connect hardware sequencer and/or midi footpedal?
    Self defeating ..if I need to take a laptop for the USB midi , I dont need a seperate VST host !

    1. Erm… yeah, I agree in general – MIDI ports should probably be standard, but this would be a host, it’s got 4 USB ports. I think they are aiming for connecting to a softstep or something similar with MIDI over USB. At most you would need a USB-MIDI interface for legacy gear, not an entire laptop. According their website, the bloody thing runs windows! 🙂 (subtext: will be expensive since they will have to fork over cash to be an OEM distributor. shoulda gone with linux.)

    2. hosa makes a $20 cable, usb on one end, midi in/midi out on the other. m-audio makes the same but wants twice as much for it (it has blinkey lights), creme de la creme = motu has 5×5 midi hubs that go to usb
      almost every keyboard made in the last 7 years has midi over usb.

      if your complaining about that, wait till they drop a price.

  4. Varios and Vmachine had their chance and both bombed,this could be great but no midi in out thru is a deal breaker for my own personal use. Ironically I think, for me, Rasberry Pi’s and Miduino Sheilds will end up being the closest thing I get to running VST and VSTi from a screenless “always ready” form factor….or…fingers crossed Max / MSP without the laptop when playing out live.

    1. Can you detail a little what is that Miduino Shields you’re talking about? I`ve been interested in the Raspberry Pi for a while.

    2. Does the Raspberry Pi have enough power to run most modern VST’s? Cause there are plenty that strain my mid level laptop….

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