Audulus 2.2 Delivers Improved Performance

Developer Taylor Holliday has released an updated version of his Audulus modular synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in Audulus 2.2:

Audulus 2.2 introduces the new AudioKernelâ„¢ engine, providing immediate improved performance (so you can build bigger more complex patches!) as well as a solid foundation for future performance improvements and new features. For a given patch, CPU load will be reduced by up to 35%.

Audulus is available for iPad and Mac OS X.

If you’ve Audulus, let us know what you think of it!

One thought on “Audulus 2.2 Delivers Improved Performance

  1. Awesome, I’m already impressed at how big node graphs can get in Audulus while maintaining the slick UI smoothness ( the user community keeps pushing the limit on how giant a node graph can get ), I’m looking forward to see what kind of massive synths we can create with the new version!

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