4 thoughts on “Clipping & Limiting – Digital vs Analog

  1. Is a ‘digital’ plugin of a analog compressor etc actually analog clipping? as i cant see how they can be,. Admittedly they sound better that actual digital clipping (but anything does!) ,.. i prefer REAL analog clipping ie putting it through an external hardware device. Nothing beats it.

  2. using a really outdated plugin that just utilizes generic waveshaping to emulate “analog” clipping isn’t the same thing as real analog clipping..like running your desk in the reds or pushing too hard on tape or all the other millions of ways to achieve “clipping”/saturation in an analog environment.

    but yes. clipping things past 0db in digital is general bad.. and i’m sure a lot of mastering engineers have to deal with this bullshit all the fuckin time.

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