Jazzy Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Mitch Wiseman, captures a jazzy synth jam on Nord Piano, Little Phatty and Dave Smith Prophet 08.

Here’s what he has to say about his synth jam:

I sequenced the Prophet and the Moog, and recorded the midi data of my jam, and then recorded the audio of each instrument separately afterwards. I added some valhalla reverb to the prophet, and some EQ compression and reverb to the nord piano. The midi data of the volume on the prophet didn’t save so i automated that after, which is why it does not match the video.

3 thoughts on “Jazzy Synth Jam

  1. Mitch, that’s some sweet playin’. Its easy to do grid-step musics in general, but it all clicks for me when guys like you let the loops play AND do organic things over them. Its the best blend of the gear and human hands. I’m piano/organ-biased because I think it takes some of that to really apply the more automated things best. If that was just some casual improv, I’d love to hear your more composed work.

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