TouchAble 2 – Control Ableton Live with your iPad (Sneak Preview)

Here’s a sneak preview of TouchAble 2 – an update to the Ableton Live controller app for the iPad.

touchAble is designed to provide “a powerful, intuitive and reliable multitouch control solution for professional use.” It’s fully compatibility with Live 8 and Live 9, Intro, Standard & Suite.

touchAble includes templates for lives plugins and is fully compatible with VSTs’, Audio Units and instruments.

touchAble 2 introduces:

  • Complete rebuild of the app
  • New and faster Engine
  • New Graphic interface
  • New server
  • New Template editor module : build your own controllers pages
  • New Midi editor/ step sequencer
  • New Isomorphic keyboard
  • New Step Sequencer with Chord & Drum modes
  • New Browser lets access to your library
  • Complete rebuild of XY pad module
  • Hundreds of new features, change and improvements

touchAble 2 will be a free update for all touchAble users. The existing version of touchAble is available in the App Store.

9 thoughts on “TouchAble 2 – Control Ableton Live with your iPad (Sneak Preview)

  1. Long time TauchAble user here and very happy at that, but this version 2 simply blows version 1 away.
    Absolutely brilliant, can’t wait…

  2. Yeah this looks great, I look forward to picking this up. Love what the ipad is becoming, especially apps that really exploit the touch surface either in instrument form ie. Samplr or controller form like this.

  3. >fully compatible with VSTs’, Audio Units and instruments

    The thought of lying back, the iPad on my legs, and playing around with Operator is quite enjoyable.

  4. When people gripe about ‘icrap’, when there’s stuff like this coming out all the time, it’s pretty clear that they are clueless!

    1. Let’s face it: Most of the stuff you can download from the iOS app store is crap for lack of a better word. Instead of a few good applications for every use case there are sometimes dozens of programs that all more or less fail to deliver. Some programs remind me of something a clever child might have come up with in BASIC on a home computer. It’s apparently not so easy to write decent programs for iOS. And judging from my experience with programming for Mac OS I can very well imagine that iOS isn’t by far the friendliest platform for developers. Couple that with boredom, greed and other dubious motives and you get iCrap. Simple as that. The few good applications I tend to view as an exception to the norm.

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