Propellerhead Thor & CME XKey MIDI Controller Featured On Sonic Touch

Propellerhead Thor and the new CME XKey MIDI Controller are featured on the latest episode of Sonic Touch:

Gaz and Nick take a look at the CME Xkey which has affordable polyphonic aftertouch, plus we look at Propellerheads Thor Polysonic synthesizer.

You can get more info on the XKey at the CME site. Thor is available in the App Store.

If you’ve tried Thor or the XKey, let us know what you think of them!

via sonicstate

5 thoughts on “Propellerhead Thor & CME XKey MIDI Controller Featured On Sonic Touch

  1. I thought this was a great review. as always i kinda wished they had preview some of the presets before randomly showing them off, but hey the ones they showed were great. I am really excited about the strum and stab button that comes in keyboard mode. i wished they had shown that off more.

    definitely a great synth to have on the ipad.

  2. I’ve really missed Sonic Touch. Excellent episode which has made me want to buy Thor. Love the jam at the end, *fist pump*.

  3. So happy to see Sonic Touch back, always informative, entertaining and beautifully executed.
    Hope to see it on weekly basis… 🙂

  4. Give this thing 3 octaves instead of two and you have got a winner. Maybe they will come up with one in the near future.

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