4 thoughts on “Soundcrafts: Production & Sound Design With Bryan-Michael Cox

  1. i love a Moog, but the level of pandering and rhetoric in their recent promos seems unnecessary to me. I suppose they are trying to reach the kids with the softsynths, so I won’t blame them too much for successful marketing.

    1. I agree on the pandering and rhetoric statement. In the video this producer go’s on about finding the new sound and that you can get it with analog. Ironic … analog is actually the old sound. I think the new sounds will actually be easier to find with stuff like Izotope Iris.

  2. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but this is a sad video. “I’m special because I work with famous people, and just having a laptop isn’t cool enough or good enough. So don’t sound like you do now because it’s different than how I sound. You need to buy this product so you can sound like I sound, which is somehow unique even though it’s the same. Then you will be cool too”.

  3. Wow , so with some magic but unique and secret combination of knob settings you can find a new sound that will start a new genre ! ? OMG / WTF / LOL .
    ( both statements ,like the video, aimed at teenagers )

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