Secrets Of The Doepfer Dark Energy 2

Something that’s not obvious about the Doepfer Dark Energy II synthesizer is that offers a range of internal expansion options. 

This video, via creativegallerysynth, demonstrates an expansion box that exposes these hidden features. The expansion box offers: triangle output, Reset, Direction and Rectangle output for LFO 1&2. (JP10 & JP11 of the voice board). Next to this, the VCF Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass are taken out to individual outputs. (JP6 of the voice board)

4 signals can be mixed with an extra A-138 mixer which is powered by the powersupply of the Dark Energy II. (JP14 of the interface board, 20mA max).

One thought on “Secrets Of The Doepfer Dark Energy 2

  1. That’s a great video. I wonder how many people who holler for more analog-everything actually buy a Doepfer or similar intermediate synth and really apply it? Running the outside world into a modular for filtering or chopping opens some weird, fun doors. Thumbs-up for showing off multiple cards from the DE deck. I’m sure several people will go “OOOooooohh…” and instantly be two more steps up in the game. I love a demo that shows you some of the WHY.

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