Tristram Cary’s Trios

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a rare performance of Trios, a chance composition created by electronic music pioneer Tristram Cary.

Here are the details behind the performance. 

Trios combines a scored performance on EMS VCS3 synthesizer (in this case prerecorded using a EMS Synthi AKS and played back on reel to reel tape) and two performers using dice to randomly decide which tracks to play from two vinyl records. For this performance CD’s were used in place of the vinyl.

The dice and holders in this performance were Tristrams own, donated to Ian Helliwell.

Tape prepared by Vicky Fenlon, Ian Helliwell and Simon James. Performed by Helliwell and James at Hackney Picture House, London on 17/03/13.

via the simonsound

7 thoughts on “Tristram Cary’s Trios

    1. What are you, a dolphin? 😛 If you miss the low-order distortion, rumble and limited bandwidth of vinyl, there are several nice plug-ins that will impart all the surface noise, etc. you could want. I found that amusing, since I always labored over banishing tape hiss in particular. I’m a bit more on the side of full dynamic range minus noise and other artifacts. That leaves more room for the genuine personality of the instrument to speak out.

      Some of the old synth works I love the most really popped out when digitally remastered. I felt that I was hearing more of the synths’ voices, not less. Yeah, I know, there’s a compromise involved, when is there not one? I can easily respect your comment, ’cause I’ve had the privilege of hearing and playing a lot of things, so I can see both sides. Rather than feel frustrated about analog “vs.” digital, think of all you’ve heard BECAUSE it was digitized and made available, from old Krautrock to modern wavetables. When you can drop a mere $250 on a Volca Keys, I think that should take a lot of the sting out of feeling that things get too digi-pristine. Its 2013. In SynthWorld, that means you can have your cake, eat it and wash it down with tequila drunk from a princess’s crystal slipper. I don’t feel as if digital has robbed me of anything at all. Its liberated me so that I can use the gritty elements by creative design rather than having to fight them off globally all the time.

      I once got to tweedle a VCS3 for about an hour. Its basically NOT a keyboard instrument, but its a great pure synth. Spacey as hell in a unique way and unlike any other synth I’ve ever played. Its BBC Radiophonica in a box.

      1. It’s not about the clarity of sound, but the tangible lack of mojo.

        Oh for the days of great works of flying saucer noises, accompanied by sexist synthesizer adverts.

        (BTW, thanks for all the fish!) 🙂

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