Image Line Intros FL Studio Groove For Windows 8


Image Line has released FL Studio Groove for Windows 8, a new sequencing app optimized for touch-based music making.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Synthesis: FL Studio Groove includes 5 polyphonic synthesizer channels that include the ability to create a wide range of synths sounds, from bass to pads and leads. The synthesis engine features a 2 oscillator, wave-shape driven design, filter, 3 envelopes and LFO architecture.
  • Keyboard: Take control over the synthesizers with FL Studio Groove’s two-tier keyboard.
  • Percussion: FL Studio Groove offers a 10-pad velocity-through-position enabled sample engine. You can even layer to two samples per-pad for complex sample mash-ups. A comprehensive library of percussion samples is included from Kicks, snares, toms, cymbals and more.
  • Effects: FL Studio Groove includes a wide array of effects, including a Bit Crusher (for lo-fi gritty sounds), Flanger & Phaser (to create complex stereo washes and spacey effects), Filters (low, high pass & vowel-voice simulation), Delay (echoes), Reverb (to simulate the sound of large halls through to tight spaces), Panning (so you can spread your sounds across your speakers) and Ring modulation (creating screaming-feedback type sounds).
  • Sequencing: A Piano-roll allows note entry and step-entry for percussion. You can also record and edit the movement of almost any knob or control with the Automation editor.

Here’s the FL Studio Groove ‘getting started’ video:

FL Studio Groove is available with an introductory price of $4.99.

If you’ve used FL Studio Groove, let us know what you think of it!

10 thoughts on “Image Line Intros FL Studio Groove For Windows 8

  1. This looks slick; the first major music app I’ve seen on the platform, and hopefully it will show potential developers some of what is possible.
    Maybe this could be a rival for iOS, sooner than Android. I’m not bashing Android, as there does seem to be some cool apps, that look more responsive than I thought possible – I don’t know if it’s only on the newer/faster devices, as to be honest, there are so many I can’t keep track.

    1. Why are people so dainty about criticizing Android? Because somewhere under all the proprietary fluff and Java cruft there’s a Linux kernel? So what? Linux was radical in like 1998. It’s 2013. People want stuff that works.

      1. I think it’s for fear of being accused of being an Apple fanboy. There’s a lot of binary thinking out there – if you criticise Android then you must be a Jobs worshipper. I get that kind of attitude a lot when I point out the flaws in Android. Never mind the fact that I’ve never had an iPhone, I must be a fanboy because Google can do no wrong.

    2. It is coming to both Android and iOS. No date yet, only official statement regarding a time frame from Image Line I’ve seen is “Later” (on their official YouTube channel).

  2. Just another fad app… it will probably be about as popular as Deckadance.

    Image Line back in the day used to have innovating software and products, now it looks like they are just trying to find a niche in the market again.

    While slowing down the development and production to the FL Studio Mac and 64 bit versions.

    They’ll claim that no FL Studio development time has been lost to this, blah blah blah.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t FL Studio the last remaining 32 bit DAW?

    Almost as if they’ve focused all their resources into acquiring 3rd party developers and reworking code into new single digit apps for the tablet market and selling by the quantity.

    Whatever pays the bills ATM, because it sure isn’t Deckadance or FL Studio.

  3. Finally, a music program for the cheaper Surface tablet’s ARM processor. Almost nothing would work on it due to the architecture not being x86. This looks very promising! For someone like myself who was considering the lower model Surface tablet for university work, now I might have to have a second look. They can be found so cheaply when used.

  4. FL Studio Groove is great, I have made some wicked tunes with more of a funky groove. The features are excellent and easy to use.

    Would love to be able to add more instrument sounds and also record vocals, the it will be the dull package.

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