Using TouchKeys To Play Friedlander Violin

Developer Andrew McPherson has released another video demo of his TouchKeys multi-touch keyboard system. The system is available as an add-on to existing keyboards and adds new control options. 

Here’s what McPherson has to say about the video:

The back-and-forth vibrato motion on the TouchKeys is inspired by string technique, and the TouchKeys make a natural, intuitive controller for string instrument sounds. This video shows the TouchKeys controlling the Embertone Friedlander Violin in classical and folk styles.

See the TouchKeys Kickstarter site for more information.

4 thoughts on “Using TouchKeys To Play Friedlander Violin

  1. This is some seriously neat tech. I just hope they will be able to reduce the thickness of the sensor strips in the future as the ones in the video appear to fairly tall and have sharp looking edges.
    (also, the kickstater funding period is over! I wish I had known about this 18 hours ago! )

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