Using The KMI QuNexus As A MIDI To CV Converter

This user video, via guinness2u1, demonstrates using the Keith McMillen QuNexus controller as a MIDI to CV converter and as a control voltage keyboard.

In the demo, an iPad running Little MIDI Machine is used as a step sequencer, using the KMI QuNexus to handle MIDI to CV conversion. CV out is used to drive a classic Roland SH-101.

4 thoughts on “Using The KMI QuNexus As A MIDI To CV Converter

  1. can this device be used with LittleMidi to control an arpeggiator clock?
    By the way I love LittleMidiMachine. it is a rock solid sequencer and I use it all the time.

    1. I made the demo video. Not exactly sure if I can answer your question correctly. I did connect the gate out (+5V) of the QuNexus to the EXT CLK IN on the SH-101 and it successfully triggered the SH-101 Arpeggio. Both from the keyboard and using LittleMIDI. Does this help?

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