Getting Started With The microGranny Granular Sampler


The Standuino microGranny is pocket sized handmade granular sampler.

The microGranny uses microSD card to store samples. You can adjust many parameters of the samples and trigger them by MIDI.

Here’s a video introduction:


  • basic parameters of sound: pitch, crush, volume, start, cut, repeat
  • micro sampling parameters of sound: shift speed(+/-), loop length, shift mode (normal, random)
  • lfo parameters of sound: rate, amount, destination (pitch, crush)
  • instant loop feature
  • micro SD card slot (plays monophonic wav samples)
  • 8 presets (15 sounds each)
  • MIDI input (MIDI through by special connector)
  • intuitive interface
  • 3 digit 7-segment display to keep track of editing
  • 2 pots to tweak the parameters
  • mode switching buttons
  • 4 perfect response trigger buttons
  • hold button
  • 3.5mm jack output
  • volume trim-pot
  • size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
  • input voltage 9-12 V

Pricing for the microGranny starts at 90 Euro for kits. Prebuilt versions are also available. More information is available at the Standuino site.

5 thoughts on “Getting Started With The microGranny Granular Sampler

  1. The kit is great, micro sd card interface is the only really tough part, very small. Fantastic capabilities in processing samples. Comes with many interesting and funny samples on the card already from Standuino. I use my Critter and Guitari Kaleidoloop to field sample and record sounds, then I simply rename them and transfer them to the MicroGranny card. The K-Loop samples at the same rate as the MG samples so swapping is easy. Hours of enjoyment inside.

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