Epic DIY Synth Build Time-Lapse Movie

This video, via themonkeybars, is a time-lapse of an epic DIY synth build.

Here are the details:

A time-lapse of a DIY synthesizer. Shot using an iPhone with a time lapse app capturing 1 frame every 5 seconds at 800×600 resolution. 46000 frames total give or take a few frames here and there. The time-lapse covers every aspect of the build from start to finish, what it does not show you are the countless hours of reading, researching, tuning and yes even a little bit of trouble shooting.

The synth is comprised of mainly MFOS (Music From Outer Space) DIY kits. The Sound Lab Ultimate, 16 step sequencer, and cv/gate buffer are among some of the many great kits available from them. MFOS is a great resource for the beginner as well as avid DIY enthusiast. A custom layout was created to incorporate all these modules as well as some other custom bits onto one panel. By creating my own layout I was also able to incorporate a neat graphic EQ style led bar display that reacts to the sounds created by the synth. The upper right of the synth is were the control patching takes place, the bottom half is for making the sounds, and the top left is the 16 step sequencer.

The audio for the video was cut from a series of live on the fly Robotlegs style jams. Nothing rehearsed all off the top off your head stuff here folks, trim the fat and leave the tasty bits. Comprised of four computers running Ableton live synced via midi with all audio channel eventually ending up routed to the master clock computer for recording, Most of the synth style sounds were created using the synth in this video as well as two synths similar to the one in this video( MFOS Ultimate, Sound Lab Mini Synth Plus) Additional sounds come from a, Korg Monotribe, Monotron, A Nord Clav style keyboard, as well as various other digital and analog wizardry.

4 thoughts on “Epic DIY Synth Build Time-Lapse Movie

  1. Wow. Awesome. This is like Abracadabra for me. Making a mod for my lsdj gameboy, okay…. but this is genious craftman’s work. Nice touch with the plexiglass on the rear too.

  2. I can’t imagine how rewarding it must be to geek out on something one has built him/herself. Massive amount of respect to this gentleman.

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