Bitwig Studio Sneak Preview – Working With Instrument Clips

Here’s another sneak preview of Bitwig Studio, focusing on working with Instrument Clips:

This beta video highlights several of Bitwig Studio’s features for working with instrument clips. Switch between clip- or track-based note editing, bring more life into your composition using note expressions and and per-note micro-pitch control, or use the histogram-based inspector function on several notes at once to randomize or spread parameter variances, changing the feel of your instrument clips.

Bitwig Studio is currently in beta; no release date has been announced, but it’s expected to be in 2013.

See our interview with Bitwig’s Dominik Wilms from the 2013 NAMM Show for more on their plans for the new DAW.

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17 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio Sneak Preview – Working With Instrument Clips

  1. Creative Innovations from the core nucleus of the first Ableton team… To the next generation of music making programs…Setting a new bar…

    Once Bitwig drops the wait will be a thing of the past…

    Even sonic state is wearing their t-shirt… preparing for the drop…

    Haters keep wishing your DAW was like Bitwig 🙂

      1. “Creative Innovations from the core nucleus of the first Ableton team…”

        Yeah… But no. I know that people often claim this but it’s simply not true. All of Bitwig’s devs worked at Ableton for a max of 2 years or so before they left. They are far from being the nucleus of ableton’s first team.

  2. Yawn…

    Come back when you have some NEWS! This is not news… It’s titilation at best and boring rubbish at worst. I would have bought BitWig, even with half the feature set and some bugs, 12 months ago, but they have dallied around so long and done so many teasers it’s become impotent: All. Interest. Completely. Gone.

    I can’t imagine what torture it will be waiting for an update, even if this ever does get released; no thanks, I don’t want to go through months of crappy videos showing me what I might be able to get at some random point in the distant future.

    Worst product (non) launch in the history of mankind! Awful… A marketing nightmare of epic proportions!

    Filters are on! All BitWig articles will be ignored from this point on!

    1. You make a great point: if you have to wait this long to get a working beta, how long would they take for a new version after this is actually released. Definitely something to be considered.

  3. Their main problem is that they went out much to early with demos. This has left most people feeling they are working very slow. I dont think this is the case. Therh in of course a lot of work making something like this, and they have very hard compotition. So I have just understaning about them wanting to make it as flawless as poss. They should just hav been waiting with the demos “we’ll launch soon”s.

    Personally, I am really looking foreward to test this out. In the meantime I’ll make my music in my trusty Studio One, and learning Ableton for live use 🙂

  4. I have been reading these posts about bitwig for over a year now and finally I am putting in my $0.02.

    How about this as a solution.
    Give Bitwig till Jan 1 2014 to produce a product to the general public. If not, All music and tech blogs should cease posting any “updates” about Bitwig on their sites and a petition created to NAMM and all other vendor shows to remove them from the show floor and have them “beta” their “whateverware”to potential investors in a hotel room. This should help grease their wheels to push for a product release that is in the public’s mind very overdue. (If it actually is for public consumption).

    Bitwig, take the blame. Do not tease a product and miss tentative release deadlines and expect the general public to not demand a product in a timely manner. If you did not want bad press, you should have kept everything under wraps. Oh, and as a side note, to wait for a perfected software product before launch and “teasing” the features just allows your competition to add likewise features to their existing products is not very smart.


    Most of these responses here are generic speculation or pure bullship. How the FAA(k) can you blame a company for taking their time to release a product FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, in order to make sure it doesn’t have any major flaws?!

    Most comments here seem like childish whining/crying in the nature of: “waaah are we there yet?! are we there yet?!?!? They PROMISED I would get a lollipop by Tuesday and they LIED to me!!”. F U and the horse you rode in on. Until this product comest out and has gone through at least a year or two of updates, beta testing and user interaction, those sorts of comments don’t mean EFF Ing SHIP. The rest of us, will patiently wait for a legitimate release from a legitimate company offering a legitimate product.

    The ONLY thing I will agree on is that they started their promotional campaign WAY too early. But this doesn’t mean the product is ship. This just means that the PR team or whatever is ship. Thanks ship heads and F U.

    ****censored for PG ratings

  6. I like all these interesting little functions like the histograms and pitch per note automation. I think they are very clever and useful tools. However i have to agree with the majority and say that this program is been hyped up for too long and they probably will never cash in on the ableton market. My question is what the hell are they waiting for? Why not release it and update every 3 months after getting feedback from those who buy it. Waiting until you have a program perfect and ‘bug free’ only puts you farther behind the already established competition.
    I had high hopes for the DAW. It’s a shame they couldnt get this off the ground faster.

  7. I hope it does get released because…

    1. it appears like a great DAW and works the way I like to work.

    2. it would allow me to get away from Windows and Apple and it’s only been Ableton Live that has prevented me from moving to Linux for a very long time.

    (no I don’t like to use WINE)

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