Tabletop Adds AudioCopy 2.0, Inter-App Audio Support

retronyms-tabletop-2Retronyms has updated its virtual studio for iOS, Tabletop.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 2.2:

Tabletop 2.2 adds two new devices with support for inter-app audio.

One is a free controller for midi-controllable apps, and the other is an inter-app audio recorder that can capture the audio produced by other apps.

This update also adds support for AudioCopy 2.0. Finally, it adds several bugfixes and iOS 7 enhancements.

Here’s a video demo of using Inter-App Audio in Tabletop:

Note that video demo includes add-ons and other apps, in addition to Tabletop.

If you’ve used Tabletop, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Tabletop Adds AudioCopy 2.0, Inter-App Audio Support

  1. Fantastic update indeed and IIA works beautifully. Not a big fan of free apps that rely heavily on IAP for full functionality, but Tabletop is an exception.

  2. Retronyms is pretty proactive with a meaningful implementation Inter-App Audio and with retooling their Pasteboard for audio…yeah, the IAP stuff is a much talked about thing, but for the music/synth apps I think it’s alright…we get what we want. It’s not like having to buy coins to play games with bigger weapons and increased super powers where the only way you can advance and get on some lame’o leaderboard for bragging right with your teenage friends. I wish they would make the tabletop environment larger to accommodate more modules, I would a proper sequencer with visual editing (the step sequencer editing is a step in the right direction), not to keen on the feed on the top of the screen for the user community posting songs (an on/off button would be nice)…why don’t they bring their Studio recorder app into the Tabletop ecosystem? Another thing that irks me in general about the state of iPad music making still persistent and unaddressed: preset/device memorization & recall…come on!

  3. Adding to what R.Maltese said, i find it difficult to really perform with the order of operations within the tabletop environment. Obviously it’s the nature of the design, but it is difficult, let’s say, to modulate the x/y on a filter unit whilst muting tracks. The way I have it set up now has two 4 channel mixers (the ones with the useful mute buttons) along side eachother and my filter unit elsewhere on the tabletop. Hey Retronyms, it would be cool to have another “Performance Layer” atop the Tabletop layout…kinda like an assignable overlay/floating window where you could have overall performance control GUIs ala Lemur/OSC/Midi Designer…it would kinda cover up the Tabletop layer frosting it out similar to the iOS 7 when you go into folders

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