Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler Jam Session

Sunday Synth Jam: From the ‘make do with what you got’ department, this video, via hightt89, captures a sample jam on the Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler.

The MS-1 probably isn’t on the top of anybody’s gear wish list (in fact, this one was picked up for about $10). In the right hands, though, the MS-1 – like a lot of vintage gear – can be a great instrument and a lot of fun to play.

Samples taken from Cut the Cake / The Average White Band.

6 thoughts on “Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler Jam Session

  1. I bought one for $750 back when they first came out thinking I could use it for a couple tracks and return it. This was unethical AND stupid on my part. When I tried to return it and was told ‘yeah, if we let people return gear, we’d be out of business in a month’. By far the most expensive lesson I’ve ever learned about not being a douche. 😉

  2. Not bad. Now, take it to the next level by tightening up your finger timing a bit. Chop up a few more tunes, but go for a few more cheesy oldies, then lay into them with your fresh beats. Freak yourself out with your skills first, then post a series on YouTube.

    If done well, you’ll rock the tubes for as long as you want to – just with this set up. (Seriously.)

  3. BRAVO, white-mall sitcom funk, heh heh! Good ruff demo. That was nostalgic fun and a great reminder of my earlier Boss days, when I had several of their guitar pedals plugged into a MiniMoog and a CZ-101. The MS-1 isn’t all that different from the new $99 Akai sampler. It occupies a neat little spot between synths, effects and mini-mixers.

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