Moog Minifooger Analog Effects Pedals First Look

Here’s a quick look at the new Moog Minifooger line of analog effects pedals, via Nova Musik

While Moog designed the new Minifooger pedals primarily for electric guitar and bass, we suspect a lot of readers will want to try them out with synths. That’s exactly what this video explores – running a Little Phatty Stage 2 and other synths through the various new pedals.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the new pedals!

8 thoughts on “Moog Minifooger Analog Effects Pedals First Look

  1. not sure keys are the best way to demo a couple of these. the guitar guys had a better take on the drive and term pedals, i thought. this showed the ring pretty well (as did on of the guitar guys). delay seemed fine.

    i’m interested in how they react to dynamics . . . as there pretty much are not many in the latched arp stuff he had going on.

  2. Of course someone is going to plug a synth into one of these, they’re Moog products. But it is nice that they’ve decided to take the electronics wizardry of the Moogerfoogers and apply it to an affordable guitar pedal. Maybe we’ll see other effects further down the line, like a phaser pedal or a mini Clusterflux. What will interest me is how this might effect the Moogerfooger line if more pedals are made.

    1. no doubt, and i think that some fo the pedals worked with how they did it.

      i should probably have been more specific about that. i’m sure some guys will put some keys with dynamics through them and they’ll sounds fine.

      and i was interested that there’s not phaser now as well.

      (p.s. i really dislike auto spell correct . . . term?? wtf. trem)

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