BugBrand Intros CubeWeevil Touch Synthesizer

BugBrand has introduced the CubeWeevil – the latest member of BugBrand’s Weevil family of devices. The Weevils feature simple electronic oscillators, ring-modulated together, combined with the circuit-bend techniques of power starvation and body contact points.


  • 4-Step Multiplexor- like a 4 stage sequencer for the pitch control of the main audio oscillator (Osc 3) but, unlike normal sequencers, the active step is determined by the rates of the two control oscillators (Oscs 1 & 2) in 2-Bit-Binary combination (Look it up! 00 = step 1, 01 = step 2, 10 = step 3, 11 = step 4).
  • ‘Silent’ Operation- There are two Touch Points which effectively bypass the main Level control, so that you can turn the control down and emit sounds only when touching. This introduces a new playability to the Weevil line.
  • Cube touchplate- 12 gold-plated touch points which connect you direct to the circuit. By touching 2 or more points you create new routes for electrical flow, thus changing the Weevil’s behavior. The response is very touch sensitive and the most extreme behaviors can be achieved with slightly dampened fingers combined with some power starvation.
  • Standard Weevil features- Three oscillators, two quasi-ring-modulators, simple Tone control (low/high pass filtering), 3.5mm mono output socket which bypasses the onboard mini-amp. The Weevil is powered by a 9V PP3 battery.

The CubeWeevil is priced at £110. See the BugBrand site for details.

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