Analog Style Presets For The Korg MicroKorg

analog-microkorgAlba Ecstasy has released a new ‘analog’ style patch library for the Korg MicroKorg. 

Here’s what he has to say about the Analog MicroKorg sound library:

It’s time to improve your MicroKorg!

96 ANALOG style presets by Alba Ecstasy, containing powerful & phat basses, rhythms , leads, arps, pads.

MicroKorg is not an analog synth – but now, it can sound like one!

Here’s a video preview of the sound library:

Analog MicroKorg is available at the Alba Ecstasy site.

7 thoughts on “Analog Style Presets For The Korg MicroKorg

  1. It all sounds very techno to me, or 80s 90s. Some of it a bit Jean Michel Jarre. Not all that different to the original presets for the micro korg.

    These are high quality designs no doubt, done really clever expressive stuff. But I’m not sure they tap in to the vintage analog sound which is so fashionable at the moment. I’ve had difficulty getting anything out of my microkorg which suits that era of music myself, though there’s been some good organ presets.

  2. Cool sounds and probably the best you can get with this tool, but they sound so MICROKORG-ey to me and not even close to analog sounds… I think anyone who owns a mickrokorg might tell

  3. The micro/ ms2000 can do vintage sounds very well but this is a weak soundset derived from altering some ms2000 patches floating around the net. I know because I have them.

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