Clavia Nord Lead 2X Editor for Ableton Live


Developer Piet Kaempfer (Protonica) has released a new Max for Live MIDI device that is designed to give you remote control of a Clavia Nord Lead/Rack 2X.


  • Connect your Nord Lead/Rack 2X directly into your DAW
  • Edit all sound parameters of your synth from the plug-in
  • Load and save patches in Ableton
  • Import & Export patches from/to your Nord Lead hardware (SysEx Bridge required, see below)
  • Automation & modulation of all sound parameters
  • View and edit all Morph/Velocity parameters (SysEx Bridge required, see below)
  • Use up to 4 Layers for multi-sequencing or stacking (you have to load and route 4 instances to different MIDI tracks)
  • If you edit any knob from your Nord Lead hardware, you can see it moving directly from the plugin
  • Send patches from the plugin to your synthesizers edit buffer and save them from there
  • Total recall: when you open the project with the plugin, all the parameters are automatically sent to the Nord Lead hardware
  • Randomize your patches to find freaky sounds and new ideas
  • Access to the “Secret” filter type (Notch)
  • Low CPU usage

Download at the Protonica site.

8 thoughts on “Clavia Nord Lead 2X Editor for Ableton Live

  1. Just want the last hour or so setting all this up with. nord rack 2 (not the 2x) and all appears to be working well – thank you so much Piet! Very very much appreciated :))

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