CME Xkey Portable Keyboard Controller Demo

In latest episode of Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Daniel Fisher joins Mitch Gallagher to check out the compact 25-key CME Xkey keyboard controller

The CME XKey is unique in the world of compact mini-keyboards in that it offers polyphonic aftertouch – something that’s extremely rare, even on full-size keyboards. Even better, it has a street price of under $100.

Check out the video demo and let us know what you think!

via SweetwaterSound

9 thoughts on “CME Xkey Portable Keyboard Controller Demo

  1. The modulation buttons look ingenious!

    If I was CME’s CEO, it would have designed to be connected with a right handed version, thus making it 4 octaves.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure, I’m going to get either this or Qunexus, which i would also have mirrored for longer keyboard.

  2. Polyphonic aftertouch is for “advanced” keyboard players, who CANNOT stand the 2 octaves limit.
    So, the only logical move is to make a 5 octave version.
    I’d be the first in line to buy that.

  3. This keyboard is a freakin’ trip.
    It is so portable and the sensitivity so good that it actually plays well.
    There is an iPad app that lets u adjust all the perimeters for sensitivity, you can even adjust the sensitivity of each key if you like.
    The modulation and pitch bend are very expressive touch sensitive buttons that can also be adjusted with the iPad App.
    For a hundred dollars and with poly phonic after touch – its insane.
    People that see it want to buy it and they are not even keyboard players.

  4. The keys felt great! But this one because it’s not large enough : (
    So with that said, I would really love this in a larger size, 49 keys!!! Next invention perhaps??

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