14 thoughts on “Samplr 1.3 Demo

  1. I really like that Daz, in realtime, was able show an effective way to work with the software and get some interesting results. Samplr looks like a very fun way to play with sound & time.

  2. While there are some great iPad synths to be had, such as Nave, this is the first app I’ve seen that I would call a breakout design. Here’s a focused, unique tool that makes excellent use of the fluidity inherent in a touchscreen, with no apparent clunky points. Everything else so far has been either a hardware emulation or a toy. This should set the standard for serious pad-based instruments, with a GUI that fully suits the task. Its clearly a great looping beast, but you could just as easily turn it onto a pipe organ. That elasticity makes it the new King.

      1. Yup, two of my favourite examples of apps that like you say, perfectly exploit the touchscreen; Konkreet performer is another app I would cite – it’s only a controller, but connect it up to an iOS synth or apps on your PC or Mac and it’s a lot of fun; supports MIDI and OSC.

    1. You make a great point, Fungo. Even though we see elements of this in other apps, the fact that it all seems to have been so cleverly designed and well-thought out does make it unique and more living up to the hype of the platform than most apps.

    2. This looks great.. and makes me want to buy an iPad! Another app I remember seeing that took advantage of the touchscreen in interesting ways was Beatsurfing.

  3. Now people can start to see Samplr’s power. I’ve been using Samplr for 9 months now. Amazingly I did not know some of these techniques. I hope I have my own signature moves too * ) There are so many manipulations to discover with this unique app. Great noodling Gaz!

  4. Yeah, an added gold star for Gaz’s performance. That’s the way to do a proper demo. Never mind the specs; make it sing first.

  5. did anyone find the midi function anywhere?

    i had the app but deleted it because i need midi support for my elektrons.
    now there is te midi update so i downloaded it again, but cant find midi so far

  6. Thanks for nice comments folks! Inevitablecrafts, I believe that the only midi functionality is it will automatically lock to a midi in signal which in Samplr’s case is very cool and possibly all that it needs.

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