Tron: Legacy OST Cover On The Moog Little Phatty Stage II

Sunday Synth Jam: This is a keyboard cover of the Tron: Legacy original soundtrack by Daft Punk. Everything was played and recorded with the Moog Little Phatty Stage II.

Technical details, via Synthway:

The first part was a bit difficult to sync with the video, but I guess you can imagine that! I played the thing 2 times in a row while recording the MIDI file (with a little bit of quantize to keep the thing like an arpeggio). A few notes were played one octave below the pitch you hear… this is due to LP’s small keyboard (MIDI edited these notes).

The knob tweaking part is showing a nice feature of the Little Phatty, named Pot Map. I’m changing 3 parameters of the filter in realtime… the modulation knob (not seen) is for the EG Amount, oscillator knob for resonance and the filter knob for cutoff.

Third part, playing the melody while changing the OSC2 pitch, to get that nice OSC Sync effect. Nothing really special… added a very smooth delay in that lead, from EHX Deluxe Memory Boy.

Fourth part, playing the melody in a different way, while using the modulation wheel for controlling filter cutoff, getting that nice wah-wah sound. This part is using the internal LP arpeggio for playing the high-pitched pattern. A little touch of delay in both synth lines.

Didn’t record it in video, but the deep bass and drum sounds were made with the LP. Everything was recorded thru Scarlett 2i2 in Logic Pro 9.

via Igor Cristo

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