New Software Synth Inspired By 3 Classic Roland Analog Synths

uvx-10pUVI has introduced UVX-10P, a new software synth inspired by three classic Roland synths, the JX-10, MKS-70 and the JX-8P.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

UVX-10P was designed to deliver on all of the strengths of the JX series with none of the weaknesses.

We started with a pristine JX-10, MKS-70, and JX-8P and set off, tirelessly programming and sampling these beauties in high-resolution through a world-class signal chain. As with the UVX-3P we made every sample twice, with and without the built-in chorus, providing an authentic and versatile foundation.

This sonic backbone paired with the UVI Engine results in a lush and extravagant analog sound; faithful to the hardware with a modern studio bite. UVX-10P delivers a fully-featured and fully-programmable interface sporting ADSR control of our high-quality amp and multimode filter designs, multiple effects, LFO and step modulator, a tediously crafted library of 150+ patches and even original wave samples for you to create your own programs with.

Here’s the official video into to UVX-10P:

Here are the official audio demos:

UVI UVX-10P is available now for US $99.

5 thoughts on “New Software Synth Inspired By 3 Classic Roland Analog Synths

    1. “Fully programmable interface… where you can toil and plod your way through the tedious editing process”

      They could’ve just said “meticulously crafted” or something. Something less…soul crushing and depressing.

  1. I have a “hard time” with these endless recreations of old synths, which are usually employed for dance. If you actually take the time to learn how to program, you can get an enormous amount of mileage from any reasonable well-appointed synth. Some presets I love and only lightly alter; others I massage into a new shape. The point is, I know HOW. Its a bit quaint to see ‘vintage’ hailed as a shiny selling point when every such VA is straining to sound like the same gear. IMO, a couple of those and you’re covered. You can go the last mile and get whatever you like if you sweat over it a little. Why do you think you keep seeing Moog/ARP/Obie filter models in things….?

  2. What I find interesting is that you can by a real JX-8P for $200. For some reason those are just so damn cheap. It may not be a Jupiter-8, but it is a good poly and mine is still going strong.

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