One thought on “Paul Haslinger On Sound Design & Composing

  1. When this guy speaks, I always listen. Paul’s “World Without Rules” is an album you should hear. Its a jaw-dropping vista of studio craft applied to some quite varied pieces. The atmospheric ones make mere “ambient” as we usually think of it sound pale and the beat-based things will rock your ASS like very little else I can name. He played with Tangerine Dream for a bit at one time, but its just one slice of the whole pie. Many great players end up being producers of several things at once because as with subtractive synthesis, one day you go BOING! and you fully get it. After that, everything becomes a “simple” matter of inspiration and good sweat. You gave a full range of skills to draw from. Give him a serious listen. Each album is like a crash course in how to absolutely nail it.

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