BIAS Amp Designer, Inter-App Audio On Sonic Touch

In the latest episode of Sonic Touch, hosts Nick Batt and Gaz Williams take a look at BIAS Amp Designer & Inter-App Audio. 

Show details:

This week we take a look at the newly released BIAS – a detailed ampp designer with excessive tweakery from Positive Grid, we also check out guitar interfaces from Line 6 – Sonic Port, Sonoma Wireworks’ GuitarJack 2 /USB and inter-app audio for iOS 7 with Auria the DAW from WaveMachineLabs.

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7 thoughts on “BIAS Amp Designer, Inter-App Audio On Sonic Touch

  1. Looks really nice… the bad part is that I’m gonna have to get another newer version of the iPad since I got the original. If this works on the iphone, then I can find some good use to my iphone4 I guess… If anybody has tried it on one, I would greatly appreciate your comments.

  2. What is the sound system that is being used in this video? Mixer? Amplifier? Speakers? Essentially what is the audio chain here?

  3. I just bought both Jamup Pro & BIAS (because they are on sale right now) . One thing that is a little puzzling is with the IAPs on Jamup Pro, it is a little hard to tell which IAP’s are necessary and which are redundant with what is offered in BIAS. Also there wasn’t much mention of how to approach gain structure (i.e., avoid digital clipping in the signal path) in the info I saw.

    For those who have both, ideally BIAS would handle the amp modeling and Jamup would take care of the rest. But I can also see the logic of wanting simpler amp models within Jamup.

    At any rate, they both seem good, but maybe I’ll post back with a more critical review when I have more time to take it through its paces.

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