12 thoughts on “Electro Meets Fine Sausage Gastronomy

    1. nine people like to play with dead animals….try decapitated cats or rabbits….sounds great….cheers from France, the country of “foie gras” and corrida….civilisation….

      1. Actually, corrida is from Spain, though there is some bullfighting in the south of France. Good thing about it is that fighting bulls not only make up for a great show, but their steaks (that of course are sold after corridas at selected butchers), are incredibly good, the pinnacle of red meat. And then, of course, you get the horns and you can make…er…bullhorns.

  1. Oh-la-laa! Haute ‘voltage’ cuisine. This does raises some questions for playing live in other countries with contraband laws on regular (meat) products. How do you explain at the customs a hardcase with wieners? And how can you convince them there aren’t like drugs in them or something? Bringing out a drug sniffing dog would make just matters worse, right?

    1. Does playing with dead animals qualify for “playing live”. Wouldn’t it rather be “playing dead”? Wait…isn’t it what some indie groups do?

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