Sound Magic Intros Producer Bundle

supreme-piano-producer-seriesSound Magic has introduced Producer Bundle Рa collection of 3 common effect units for musicians.

Included in the bundle are Neo EQ, Neo DynaMaster and Neo MasterTool.

Here are the details:

  • Neo EQ – different from traditional EQ, Neo EQ is able to automatically detect and lock in the most audible/sensitive frequency. This makes the EQ process easier and more effective than traditional EQ.
  • Neo DynaMaster is a multi-purpose stereo dual dynamics processor that performs simultaneous compression and expansion, allowing more complex dynamics response curves than common compressors. Neo DynaMaster’s intuitive GUI allows you to precisely edit view the dynamics response curve.
  • Neo MasterTool is a multi-band, multi process mastering system, which provides different effect processing for mastering within one plugin.

The Producer Bundle is available for US $329.

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