Crystal Synth XT Update Adds Cloud Patch Management

crystal-synthGreen Oak Software has released an update to Crystal Synth XT for iOS, adding cloud patch management and a new sample library.

Crystal XT is a full featured semi-modular synthesizer, ideally suited to creating lush evolving soundscapes.

Here’s what’s new in Crystal Synth XT version 2.0:

  • Cloud patch bank management. Put your Crystal patch bank files (.fxb files) into your Dropbox folder here: /Apps/CrystalSynth/CrystalPatchBanks. Press the Dropbox icon in Crystal Synth XT and choose a bank to be loaded from the list.
  • Also: expanded sample library. All the sound fonts from the Crystal sample ROM library are now included in Crystal Synth XT.

With patch sharing, you can create sounds on your iPad or iPhone while away from the studio, then transfer them to the desktop Crystal when you get back to the studio to use in recording projects. Or, create banks of sounds on the desktop Crystal, then transfer them to the iPad/iPhone Crystal to use in a live performance for a truly portable rig. Use Audio copy/paste to record your performance on Crystal and transfer that performance to another app. Or copy your recorded performance to your computer.

Crystal Synth XT is available in the App Store for US $4.99.

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