Bitwig Studio Hybrid Clips Do MIDI + Audio

Bitwig is back with another sneak preview of their upcoming Bitwig Studio.

Do we know when the **** Bitwig Studio is going to get released? No, but based on this sneak preview of Hybrid Tracks and other audio features, it looks like it’s going to be worth the wait!

Bitwig supports the audio and instrument tracks that DAW users are familiar with.

But it also offers Hybrid Tracks. They accept any kind of material, allowing you to bounce note clips to audio in place, or to a new track.

And, as the preview video demonstrates, you can instantly slice a loop into a drum machine or sampler, for further mangling.

Check out the sneak preview and let us know what you think of Bitwig’s Hybrid Tracks and related audio features.

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21 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio Hybrid Clips Do MIDI + Audio

    1. Yeah I have to agree, it is getting a tad irritating. And I am one that is really looking foreword to trying out Bitwig…… if it ever comes.

  1. everyone gripes its annoying there is no release date, and of course i have to agree, but atleast there are constant updates and beta testers are out there, so we know EVENTUALLY…… UGH but hurry up i want to stop using windows and go to linux with this and renoise

    1. Logic Pro X costs $200…it’s the best value on the market. if you think Bitwig is going to be cheaper than Logic Pro…well, it just isn’t.

      1. Sorry, I know DAW wars are stupid. But let’s face it; prices and licenses are very easy to check. Lifetime free updates and regular major updates anyone? Indeed Image line does it a lot better imho.

  2. It’s like Ableton Live “done right”. The way sample cutting/stretching/mangling/arranging works, seem to be as flexible as it is in trackers, that are best in this regard (in my humble opinion).

  3. So much invested in Live, Max for Live and Push and all sorts of device racks programmed. These bitwig announcements are making me a bit jealous that Ableton has been adding. Audio/MIDI side by side was a request I had a while ago. Makes for working with external gear much easier than bouncing audio and midi through multiple tracks and constantly changing between clip and live input tracks.

  4. agreed on the hype machine being well passed on bitwig

    i am most curious about reliability when midi clock syncing as slave and as master, it doesn’t seem that anyone has a clue on that though, anyone beta testing done this yet?

    for instance, bitwig slaved to an mpc for midi clock, bitwig following and sending midi clips out to other hardware, that sort of idea is what i am getting at….ableton and others don’t do very well in this situation, not as well as my atari 1040st did

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