Analog Four OS Update Adds Polyphony, Boosted Filter Resonance & More

elektron-analog-four-synthesizerElektron has released a new version of the OS for the Analog Four (and Analog Keys).

Analog Four OS 1.1 delivers polyphony, boosted filter resonance, MIDI multi-map and more.

Here’s the official intro video for Analog Four OS 1.1:

Here are the details:

  • POLYPHONY – Fully customizable voice allocation. With the upgrade, the Analog Four can be used as a polyphonic four voice synthesizer, as four separate monophonic synthesizers, in four note unison with user defined pitch spread between the voices, or anything in between.
  • RESONANCE BOOST – The resonance boost ‘turns the Analog Four into a screaming beast’. The feature is especially useful for creating deep kicks and powerful bass sounds. The resonance boost provides the sound palette with new colors.
  • +DRIVE – The +Drive non-volatile memory increases the amount of storage space by two orders of magnitude. Thanks to the +Drive, Analog Four users can now enjoy working with up to 128 projects. Each project contains up to 128 patterns, 128 kits, 16 songs, 4 globals, and 128 sound pool Sounds. The machine you know and love just got multiplied by a factor of 128. Furthermore, every project has access to the +Drive Sound library, capable of storing 4096 Sounds. The Sounds are taggable for ease of use and identification. After activating the +Drive, 512 factory preset Sounds are instantly available.
    • Lets you freely assign functionality to any of the keys on an external MIDI keyboard controlling the Analog Four.
    • Multi map allows custom mapped sounds, pattern trigging and trigging of external MIDI units.
    • Also, full analog drum kits, bass lines, and lead sounds can be played simultaneously.
    • Record multi map trigs with the sequencer.

The Analog Four Manual has also been updated to reflect all changes. See the Elektron site for details.

If you’ve used the Analog Four update, let us now what you think of them!

11 thoughts on “Analog Four OS Update Adds Polyphony, Boosted Filter Resonance & More

  1. My brain exploded. My favourite piece of gear just keeps getting better. Polyphony mode creates some seriously epic chords and basses. I love you Elektron.

  2. I can’t believe how much of an improvement this is. It’s like a whole new synth. The presets alone are absolutely stunning. This deserves a couple of hundred added to the price tag.

  3. YES!!!! I am about to download it, this gave me the only piece of gear I was seriously missing, a poly analog synth. Elektron just saved me a grand. This company rocks, I am very glad I invested in the A4.

  4. This update is one hell of a great Christmas present.
    What a great expansion of this little monster in a black box.
    And it was FREE! Thanks Elektron.
    Elektron and U-HE are setting the bar for how a business takes care of it’s customers.

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