Electrify NXT Turns Your iPad Into A ‘Virtual Groovebox’

electrify-nxtDeveloper Ingolf Koch has released Electrify NXT, a virtual groovebox for iPad.


  • Rewritten and enhanced audio engine.
  • New session mode lets you perform with loops and clips by creating arrangements on the fly.
  • New polyphonic FM-style Synthesizer: Electrify NXT comes with a fully fledged frequency modulating synthesizer with 11 Algorithms and wave-morphing oscillators.
  • The new drumkit combines 8 samplers into one ‘grooving loop factory’.
  • Looper and slicer lets you deconstruct audio loops or rearrange your own clips beyond recognition.
  • Comes with more than 1600 audio loops and one shot samples
  • A huge load of effects
  • Powerful parameter modulation: nearly every parameter of instruments and effects can be modulated by LFOs, Envelopes or by realtime parameter sequencing.
  • Flexi-Groove templates
  • Audiobus, AudioCopy and Midi are integrated.

Here’s a preview of Electrify NXT in action:

Electrify NXT is US $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Electrify NXT, let us know what you think of it!

18 thoughts on “Electrify NXT Turns Your iPad Into A ‘Virtual Groovebox’

  1. Hmmm… looks like it could be pretty great, actually. I love the UI. Clean and easy to look at, but it all makes sense right away. Seems to have all the right tools and features. I’d love a demo of it. My concern with any new app is that it’s merely a fancy loop player (like how Reactable looked amazing but was crap when you actually used it). This looks like a lot more though. Will do some research.

  2. if I buy this is it possible to get a refund?

    I can’t find any demos, and tutorials, and the one video of it is terrible music subjectively speaking, I don’t know how any of these developers can expect you to fork out $20 bucks without knowing what this app is capable of beside the list of features…………..WE WANT TO SEE IT WORK !

    and I already know this dev is one of the talented ones, that just makes it worse, forget the star studded film tricks and simply turn on your video camera and show us what your app can do so that we can all know if it is the right app for us, you don’t need steven speilberg to make it broadcast ready just turn on the freakin camera for petes sake!!!!!

    1. That is my biggest gripe about the way the App Store is set up. Screenshots are fine if you’re buying a magazine app, travel app or drawing app. Music and gaming apps need some form of demo. Few folks want to shell out $20 to find out an app is burning through your processor or that the app is buggy or that the sounds or usability is subpar.

  3. well is the older Electrify good as it is or what is it that needs to be fixed. I’m asking because I haven’t used it but it’s priced at $4.99 right now. Should I pass on it or get it? what are it’s good points and bad points?

  4. Ok you all, I shelled out the bread for this thing because I’ve always thought that Electrify was a solid product (when it wasn’t glitchy). This thing is a major step forward in the Electrify concept. Comparisons to the original: piano roll sequencing over the step sequencing in the original, drum kit layouts verse single sample triggering (which is also still available), looks like some useful midi implementation (although I haven’t tried it out yet), user selectable backgrounds (just because it’s cool although the photo selection method of scrolling vertically down a single column of pictures is kinda crappy/inconvenient).
    I haven’t did a hard on/off of my iPad after installing this app and maybe I should because it seems to be consistently bogging down performing numerous navigation operations. Maybe the on/off thing will rectify this?

    Personal observations:
    I wish there was Dropbox functionality.
    While I appreciate the massive content supplement, I wish that would be a user determined download option (kinda like Logic let’s you do)
    I wish there was a UI keyboard interface for the FM synth and drum machine rather than just a step entry method.

    Yeah, the video promo was slick but that was all it was…real synth junkies like the dry, straight forward nuts and bolts kinda pre/reviews. Kinda like when Keyboard mag, a few years ago, made the idiotic mistake of getting all artsy with their covers like having performing artists gracing the cover hanging from pianos suspended from ropes and crawling out smoke and mirrors…they forewent piles of sexy metal, wood, and plastic gear for performing artist demagoguery. Lame, and lost my over decade long subscription soon after.

    This developer has been quite responsive to my emails over the years. My emails have been of two kinds: asking for insight into the glitchy behavior of the original Electrify and wondering if indeed Electrify was a deadend/unsupported app. Both replies from the developer were concise and insightful. As with the former operations questions he answered that he was working on the known bugs and for the latter, he told me that Electrify was being let go of further development in directing his full efforts to the next evolutionary step…which is this app.

    1. thanks for the review. did you experience bugs?

      imo $20 is fine for stable software, but i’ve been burned too many times on iOS to pay that much for an unknown program.

    2. Doesn’t it support user samples?
      Because from your words I got the impression of “… content supplement” is the only usable one since it doesn’t support dropbox : )

      Btw, although Dropbox might be very usefull for specific cases, I still feel distant to the idea of paying over over again (for the internet access) to reach what’s already mine.

      1. Hello, I have a bunch of quirky things going on with the app thus far. There is no manual so far and I am sure that would clarify many of the functions and operations of the app. I would recommend anyone to check out the user forum at the electrify.info site to see what the bugs people are experiencing are. To clarify the user determined downloading of stock sample material, what I mean is that from my experience using Logic, it asks you if you would like to download additional content. So, it would be maybe a good consideration that end users could have that same option upon download the app as fully functioning entity, and once downloaded, having the option to grab what content is available at one’s discretion. So sorry, “content supplement” was a poor word choice, because the 1600 pieces of content are built into the package, thus NOT a supplement.
        As far as the Dropbox comment…I guess what I am trying to say is that as the Dropbox thing seems to be picking up steam and becoming more a requisite for file transfer, why could it not be a qibla on this app. I, maybe like many of you, are just as frustrated of having to rely on many things being fed from a cloud rather than having the secure and convenient (offline) of hard storage. I don’t know about some of you all, but one thing I find frustrating about the state of iOS right now is the having to close something to retrieve something else to bring it into whatever else over and over again. Pretty clunky, pretty frustrating, and I know, I know, this is NOT a computer with rubber banding, dragging and dropping…but maybe it should be.
        Hello Ummm, no I am not kidding in any of my comment. I don’t take offense, I was just conveying my impressions to the comments. Sorry you don’t find any of it substantive.
        Anyway, best of luck to everyone with what decisions you make in your app purchases, and thanks in advance for whatever light you bring to the table of discussion in review of a piece of hardware or software.

      2. There’s a workaround for the Dropbox issue: use an app that supports Dropbox and AudioCopy, e.g. AudioShare (which is a great tool in it’s own right). You can then use AudioShare as a converter: put wave file into Dropbox, open Dropbox app, use “Open in…”/AudioShare, copy to Clipboard (Sonoma or General will work), open in NXT where you can find the audio clipboard in the clip browser unter Home > Audio Copy. Other way round: long-click a clip for exporting, select “Copy to Clipboard”, open AudioShare, select “Open in..”/Dropbox.

        (Disclosure: I was a beta tester and am really, really fond of the app. 😉

  5. ok first of all thank you Angelo for the sentiment but in all honesty you didn’t really say anything no offense or anything just not sure if you’re being serious or kidding.

  6. Why aren’t there any demo videos of this app and I’m not talking about the soundtest room either I mean real in depth demos and reviews its obviously a popular app, where is smite matters and where are the video reviews, hellooooo Sonic Touch!!!!!!!

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