iSyn Poly Update Adds Inter-App Audio, AudioBus & More


VirSyn has released an iSyn Poly 2.0 – a major update that adds Inter-App Audio, AudioBus support and more.

iSyn Poly is a virtual studio for iPad that features three virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine.

Here’s what’s new in iSyn Poly 2.0:

  • Inter-app audio instrument
  • Audiobus compatible (Sender)
  • Redesigned GUI
  • One effect per synthesiser/drum part
  • 32 new Presets
  • many Bugfixes

iSyn Poly is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

One thought on “iSyn Poly Update Adds Inter-App Audio, AudioBus & More

  1. I think VirSyn’s instruments sound good and use Addictive Synth frequently, but as I recall I quit using iSyn Poly regularly because of annoying bugs like stuck notes. Looking forward to a less buggy version with other goodies!!

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