Vangelis – Abraham’s Theme, From Chariots Of Fire

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures reader Olivier Lebra‘s live performance of Abraham’s Theme, from Vangelis‘ score to Chariots of Fire

The instrument is Clavia Nord Stage 2 using a sampled Rhodes Mark I electric piano set to low and a pulse wave virtual-analog waveform oscillator.

Here’s a higher quality audio embed of the track:

2 thoughts on “Vangelis – Abraham’s Theme, From Chariots Of Fire

  1. Its not even nostalgia for me to still like Vangelis’s work. Its more like still enjoying Bach. With the exception of just a few rare moments, no one else plays synths with such original romanticism. He gets almost Debussy-like at times and when he roars, its wonderfully orchestral. If you’re going to play synths for people, being able to offer a Vangelis piece is similar to offering one from Bach. Each has his own realm of mastery that breaks the usual boundaries, but there’s a common spot, too. Very good job, Olivier; you nailed it.

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