Kitchen Items + Robotics + Arduino Control = The Percussion Kitchen


Reader Devin Curry teamed up with Ben Gullard to create the Percussion Kitchen, an electronic rhythm instrument based on kitchen items – along with robotics and Arduino control.

The duo set out to create something whimsical and fun to play.

They started with a variety of kitchen items, ranging from a cheese grater to tupperware. The created a cutting board controller, using Sanwa arcade buttons. An Arduino Uno is used as the ‘brain’ to control solenoids that ‘play’ the kitchen items.

Here’s a demo video of the Percussion Kitchen in action:

Curry and Gullard have published the construction details of the Percussion Kitchen on their project Tumblr page.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Items + Robotics + Arduino Control = The Percussion Kitchen

  1. When I was young, I just have to hit pots and stuff with a spoon. Thank God, we have Aruino now, and can make simple things even simpler.

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